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Rubber buffer springs are very heavy duty composite blocks which undergo very heavy compressive & shear loads during operation.

The spring rate ,compression ratio, etcof the springs are decided with respect to the type of vehicle (i.e. Locomotive/Passenger/Freight)


The typical construction consists of 4 or more metal elements interleafed with rubber bonded between them.The buffers springs form part of the secondary suspension of the bogies, and are vital safety components essential for a smooth ride quality & efficient operation.

  • High Capacity Rubber Buffers.
  • Rubber buffer springs.
  • Rubber Springs.
Parameters TypicalValues
Manufacturing Process Injection Molding/Compression
Type of Polymer Natural/Synthetic
Endurance/Fatigue Testing The rubber springs are tested for performance life by loading 2 springs in tandem for about 1-2 million cycles at frequencies of about 1-2Hz.