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ANTI VIBRATION RUBBER Mountings are composite elements designed for systems involving constant dynamic loading.They are used for shock and noise isolation in machines, vehicles & other 


Mountings consist of 2 or more metal inserts in parallel tandem with rubber bonded between them. The construction is such that it provides a very robust, long lasting  & service free solution for very vital safety installations like engines, motors, machines,etc.The mounting acts as a linkage between the base & the vibrating system, thus directly absorbing/attenuating the harmonic loading of the system.

  • Engine Mounts
  • Machine Mounts
  • Anti-Vibration Mountings (For Railway Bogies & Locomotives)
  • Sandwich Mountings for traction motors 
Parameters TypicalValues
Manufacturing Process Injection Molding/Compression
Type of Polymer Natural/Synthetic
Endurance/Fatigue Testing The products are tested in-house on state of the art SPM`s simulating the harshest  service conditions for their performance in the field after fitment.The products are tested for typically 10 million cycles at frequencies ranging from 5Hz to 10 Hz.